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Australian Made Auction Paddles - Real Estate Auctions, Boat Auctions, Motor Auctions, Livestock Auctions

"Always Bid with Confidence!"

BiddersMate� manufactures easy to use auction paddles in a variety of colours to match your Award Winning Agency.

About Time! BiddersMate� has come up with Auction Paddles that fit the professional nature of residential, motor and for that matter any registered auction!

We are BiddersMate�, and we've created Auction Paddles that bring fun and transparency to Auctions. Improve your auctions' efficiency and bottom-line while you differentiate yourself and your sale.

All paddles are supplied in a light easy to use snap shut carry case.


  • Waterproof
  • Polyurethane Plastic
  • Range of Colours
  • Australian Made
  • Reusable
  • Affordable
  • Paddles are numbered clearly from 1-15


Most importantly Australian Made

Each lightweight box contains 15 easy to use paddles, labelled 1 to 15.

The dimensions of our BiddersMate�paddles are approximately 300mm (12") high (including the handle area) by 150mm (6") wide.

All of our paddles are full 1-piece paddles made from completely water proof Polyurethane plastic, and all are designed and manufactured in Australia.

"Always Bid with Confidence!"

Join the Crowd

New legislation in Australia requires all bidders to be identifiable by a registered number when buying property at a Public Auction.


What do other Agents say?


We have been using BiddersMate Paddles for our Auctions for 4 years now.  They make auction day so easy for the agents as you can spot the prospective bidders easily and the number is easy to read for recording the bids. For in-room auctions we can use a different colour for each property again making bidders for each property identifiable. We would never be with out them as they look professional and make our job easier!

Christina Penrose Director Remax Profile


After using the card and paper system,we wanted something more professional,weatherproof and visible in the crowd...Our buyers love them and even ask to keep the Winning Number as a souvenir of their purchase.

Geoff Ohmsen, Director Platinum Properties,Sunshine Coast paddle and box set